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Bravo reads up on rock groups

Bravo - an early learner! Norcastle Bravo was born in November 2000 to Cinderella by Llandar Braveheart. He is beautifully marked with a marble pattern and very good contrast including a third (mid) colour which can just be seen above in the centre of his coats larger black areas.

Given how nice he looks, it is a shame that he was Cinderellas only kitten this time.

Bravo is an F4 (one-sixteenth or more of wild genes) Bengal cat, as is Leo.

Looking down at Bravo at just 3 weeks old

Looking down at Bravo at just 3 weeks old (above). He is a sweet-natured kitten, taking after his mother Cinderella - he will climb up your leg (hope he loses that habit before he gets much heavier!) but is just as happy to play with Leo or fall asleep curled up next to you.

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