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Photo gallery - kittens and cats

  Inca had a litter of three kittens by Titan on 6th October 2003. All these 3 kittens were released to their owners in January 2004.
There are several more nice photos of Inca's latest litter, including some from their new owners at 6 months old - click on any of these three photos to see them all.

First photo : Incas lighter, slightly smaller spotted male kitten Sam (Norcastle Samuel) looks nice at 13 weeks old.

Second photo : All three kittens at 7 days old. Notice that, at the bottom of the photo, Tinca's brother has a friendly paw across her neck!

Third photo : Inca looking after her kittens. The stairs were a favourite place to play as soon as the kittens were big enough to mix with our other adult cats.

Inca is a very good mother and all her three kittens grew well - she's happiest when she has kittens (we still have Inca's mother Tessa and three of Inca's kittens with us - big Jacob and little Melody can be seen below on this page; click on Melody's photo to see Major, her brother, also).

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  Sam at 13 weeks old
Incas small male spotted kitten Sam (Norcastle Samuel) at 13 weeks old

All three kittens at 7 days old

Inca washing Sam while Taz suckles
Inca washing Sam while Taz suckles


  Sampson and Carlotta (right) playing together at eight weeks old
Sampson and Carlotta (right) playing together at eight weeks old
 Sampson and Carlotta are from our F3 queen Cinderellas first litter, which was by our Titan.

All three kittens were sold to the same lady - selling a whole litter to one household was a first for us.

Little Gem was born to Tessa by Titan. A really lovely looking kitten with loads of glitter, seen here at 12 weeks old. See this photo of Little Gem much larger plus photos of her as she was at 8 weeks old here.
Little Gem curled up asleep
Little Gem curled up asleep
Chakra at 4 months old - click for a much larger version of this photo, a second nice large photo and more information about Chakra
Chakra at 4 months old
Chakra is a breeding queen we bought last year. She has a good nature and lovely glitter.

She is often close to Jacob, particularly when he is being stroked and she wants her share of the attention. Click her photo to see the second photo of Chakra.

Bravo is Cinderellas only kitten in a November 2000 litter from Llandar Braveheart, her second litter (Cinderella met him a few days too late so she only had one kitten, a real pity).

Shirley fell for Bravo so we are keeping him ourselves; also it's nice for Cinderella to keep one of her kittens. He is now very well (and solidly) built with a beautiful marble pattern.
Bravo takes an interest in U2
Bravo takes an interest in U2
Leo curled up in front of Jacob
Leo at 13 weeks old curled up in front of Jacob
Leo is a male F4 kitten we bought late last year who has settled in extremely well, with Jacob looking after him.

Leo also really enjoys playing with Bravo who is only a few weeks younger. Since Bravo is an only kitten this is good for both of them.

a nicely-spotted breeding queen, is seen here suckling her three kittens from an earlier litter when they were six weeks old.

The kittens are :
Shannon at the top,
Gypsy (see her photo just below),
Jacob lowest.
This litter photo is shown larger as part of Jacob's own page. (Jacob is staying with us.)
Gypsy at 6 weeks old
Gypsy (with Shannon) 
  Inca suckling her three kittens at six weeks
Inca and her kittens

  Shannon, 13 weeks old, side-on
Shannon is seen here at 13 weeks old. She is a really lovely marble kitten with a very sweet nature. Shannon was sold to a nice family from North London and has been renamed Rani. She has had one stunning male kitten, Ozzy, who is staying with her owners.


Jacob is a neutered male kitten we kept for ourselves, seen here at 6 months. Jacob is determined but affectionate, lively and friendly with other cats. Jacob is a marble pattern Bengal, as is Shannon, his litter sister. He is strong, quick and good fun around the house.
  Incas kitten Jacob, 6 months old, head-on

  Melody, head-on
Melody is seen here at about 9 months old. She is very affectionate and sweet-natured - she will sometimes curl up to sleep on your foot if you stay still for a while.

She is from Incas litter born in December 2000 by our Titan; she has a brother and two sisters.

Melody and her brother Major are staying with us.

Click here to see larger photos of the whole litter.

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