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Incas Kittens, December 2000


Major at 5 months

Major (above) is Shirleys favourite, a solid but lean, elegant and sleek male marble kitten with very nice glitter. He is more reticent than the other kittens but will happily jump up beside you to be stroked.

Major can be seen as he was at 5 months old above.

Melody in October 2001

Melody is the second most adventurous of the whole litter, yet also very friendly. She has an adorable nature and purrs audibly when you stroke her. She has good glitter and a softer coat.

Melody at 5 months

Below : Melody and Major sitting on the sofa, looking out at our unruly front garden. (Melody is on the left.) Both these kittens are staying with us and they are shown below at 10 months old.

Melody and Major in October 2001

Mermaid at 5 months

Mermaid is the prettier spotted female kitten - she is show quality. She is adventurous but also friendly, with very nice glitter and markings (as you can see above). Mermaid has been sold.
Minky at 5 months

Minky (above) is the other spotted female kitten, still very nice-looking with very good glitter. She is very friendly and inquisitive but not as adventurous as Mermaid. Minky has been sold.

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