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(This page was updated on 21st April 2010.)

We have no litters planned for several years at least.

Inca had one male kitten, now named Timone (Norcastle Tic-Toc) NOW SOLD He is VERY bold and fast on his feet. He would think nothing of hassling adult cats several times his weight! Our house seems quiet without him... He has lovely markings with no rib stripes and good contrasting dark brown spots with a lovely soft coat. He is affectionate and very lively but still curls up and sleeps on your lap.

Here are two photos of him (when he was still with us) :

Incas male kitten
Incas male kitten, back view

Other information :

Photos of Inca's previous kittens (born late in 2003) can be seen on our Gallery page.

Bengal cat prices for reputable breeders are normally about £500 for a pet quality kitten (not ticked), vaccinated and GCCF registered ["non-Active"] - more pricing details here.
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To see photos of kittens from previous litters, do try our Gallery page (more photos added 8th June 2004) or search for useful or interesting pages on our Web site here :
  Our Choosing your Kitten page has good information to help you find the right kitten and know what you are buying.

See also our Links page for links to Web sites listing other Bengal breeders (both worldwide and just in the UK). There are also links to useful books about Bengal cats.

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