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Useful Bengal Cat links

1. Worldwide and General links

One of the founders of the Bengal breed, Jean S. Mill has several Web pages on the TIBCS (The International Bengal Cat Society) Web site and a book (Amazon UK) on caring for Bengals. Both are recommended - there is a list of those breeders worldwide who are members of TIBCS on the TIBCS site and several useful articles if you wish to breed Bengals. (UK breeders are listed by county.)

Another founder of the Bengal breed is Gene Ducote who ran the Gogees cattery but has now retired- she sells her book (Amazon.com) on that site also.

For other Bengal books, do a search for Bengal cats on Amazon.com or (quicker delivery for the UK & Europe) Amazon.co.uk. We know that Jean S. Mill and Dan Rice both have one book available on Amazon, plus Amazon are helpful and quick.

If you are considering breeding Bengal cats, at least one good Bengal book is essential. Owning one book is also strongly recommended even if you are not breeding.

If you don't want to buy a book, there is a lot of good background information at Lopend Vuur Bengals.

2. United Kingdom-specific links

For good general information for the UK, the preliminary GCCF Standard of Points for judging Bengal cats and a question and answer page, we recommend the BengalCat.co.uk Web site.

The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain gives useful contacts including Bengal cat rescue information and breeder advertisements.


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Note : we have no commercial ties to any of the recommended Web sites or books.

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