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Jacob at 6 months old, head-on

Jacob at rest at 6 months old, studying the situation. We are very happy with his progress - he is filling out nicely and he will be a solid, muscular cat! He gets on well with all our cats and it is a real pleasure to watch him playing with them.

Jacob at 13 weeks old, side-on

Jacob didn't pose too well at thirteen weeks old (above) but you get some idea how he is developing. He has a lot of character and a mind of his own but will also settle on your lap for a snooze. It's going to be fun for us having him around.

Jacob at nine weeks old, side-on

Jacob was born in our home in July 1998. Jacob is by our Llandar Norcastle Titan out of our home-bred Norcastle Cover Girl (Inca). He has lovely marble markings with three colours showing - rich black, light gold and dark gold, very strongly contrasted.
    His rufous colour is coming through nicely and he is showing good golden glitter considering he is nine weeks old in the photos immediately above and below.

Another marble kitten was born in this litter (Shannon, a lovely female kitten showing three colours of marbling) who has been sold.

Inca suckling all three kittens

Inca, a nicely-spotted breeding queen, is seen above suckling all her three kittens when they were six weeks old. Inca is a terrific mother and really looks after her kittens well.
The kittens are :
Shannon (now sold) at the top,
Gypsy (now sold) in the middle,
Jacob lower down.

Jacob, seen below at six weeks. He has a nice temperament and will just curl up on you if you pick him up.

Jacob at six weeks old, head-on

Jacob at three weeks old, side-on

Jacob seen immediately above and below at three weeks old.

Jacob at three weeks old, head on

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