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Tessas new kitten at 12 weeks old, curled up

Gem was born in our home in October 1998 and was sold to a lady from Lancashire. She is by our stud cat Llandar Norcastle Titan out of our Buckholt Banshee (Tessa, bred by Michael Fairhurst). You can just see her lovely glitter on her paws above while she was curled up asleep - she looks a lot better than 4 weeks before (below).

Tesas new kitten at 8 weeks old

See how Gems markings are blurred by the "guard hairs" at 8 weeks old and compare this photo to the nice clear markings in the top photo on this page, taken just a few weeks later. This change in markings makes it more difficult to see how a Bengal kitten will look later on.

We think she is (at least) breeding quality now due to her exceptional amount of glitter. Gem is just 8 weeks old in the second and third photos.

Tessas new kitten at 8 weeks old, head-on

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