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Shannon at thirteen weeks old

Shannon was born in our home in July 1998 and has been sold to a nice family from North London (January 2002 update) - she was renamed Rani by her new owners and has had two stunning kittens since then. Shannon is by our Llandar Norcastle Titan out of our home-bred Norcastle Cover Girl (Inca). She has lovely marble markings with three colours showing - rich black, light gold and dark gold, very strongly contrasted. Her rufous colour is coming through very nicely with good glitter. We think she is show quality and is a potential breeding queen. Shannon is 13 weeks old in these two photos immediately above and below.

Shannon at thirteen weeks old, second photo

Shannon, seen below at six weeks old with a very fuzzy coat.

Shannon at six weeks old, curled up

Shannon is showing a lot of colour considering she is only three weeks old in the photos below.
See the head-on shot of Shannon below also ....
Another marble kitten was born in this litter (Jacob, a big chunky male kitten also showing lovely marbling) but he is staying with us.

Shannon at three weeks old, head and side on

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