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Sampson (left) and Carlotta playing

Sampson and Carlotta seen playing together at eight weeks old.

Sampson head photo

Sampson (sold), facing up to the camera above at eight weeks old.

All three kittens at just 5 days old

All three kittens can be seen above at just five days old, before their eyes opened.
20th July update : Sampson (the spotted male), Toby and Carlotta are all sold.

Toby, side-on at 8 weeks

Toby (sold) seen at eight weeks old. He has a loud miaow and is very friendly.

Carlotta, side-on at 8 weeks

Carlotta (sold) seen above at eight weeks old. She is very forward and very friendly with a particularly soft coat.
This blurred photo does not do Carlotta justice - we had to include it to give you a rough idea of her nice marble markings; unfortunately it is the least badly-taken photo we can find of her!

Cinderella, the mother of Carlotta, Sampson and Toby, has a beautiful marble coat pattern and an extremely sweet temperament. She is all over you and will follow you around to be stroked, with a very loud rumbling purr.
Among our cats, Cinderella is particularly friendly with Jacob, our lovely (neutered) male black and gold marble kitten. Considering Cinderella (Cazador Norcastle Zest) is an F3 with at least one-eighth of her genes from a wild Asian Leopard Cat, her beautiful temperament bears out how important the upbringing is in forming Bengal temperament.
Cinderella is fascinated by running water and will play with a dripping tap for ages. She has an even stronger interest in water than any of our other Bengal cats.

Although Jacob is 50% heavier and is stronger, Cinderella is still the dominant cat among all our cats - when she was angry with Jacob once, he turned tail and ran!

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