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Leo curled up in front of Jacob at 13 weeks old

Leo curled up in front of Jacob at 13 weeks old. Jacob really looks after him plus Cinderella mothers him nearly as much as her own kitten, Bravo, so he has a pretty good life.

Leo curled up on Shirley

Never a dull moment with Leo around - he is a terrible food thief and very fast. He will happily curl up on your lap and sleep (he is curled up on Shirley here while she is sleeping too) but he hates to be picked up and carried.

Leo at 13 weeks old, side-on

Leo was bought from a lady near Oxford. He is an F4 (i.e. one-sixteenth or more of his genes are from wild ancestors) with lovely colour and beautiful glitter - his markings are very good also. His eyes look bright green due to the cameras flash (above and below), they are not really that colour.

Leo at 13 weeks old, head-on

Leo is not for breeding - we may show him but mainly he will be a pet.

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