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Cinderella at 3 months old, side-on

Cinderella seen a few days after we bought her at 3 months old. Cinderella has a beautiful marble coat pattern without glitter and an extremely sweet temperament. She is all over you and will follow you around to be stroked, with a very loud rumbling purr.
Among our cats, Cinderella is particularly friendly with Jacob, our lovely (neutered) male black and gold marble kitten. Considering Cinderella (Cazador Norcastle Zest) is an F3 with at least one-eighth of her genes from a wild Asian Leopard Cat, her beautiful temperament bears out how important their upbringing is in forming Bengal temperament.
Cinderella is fascinated by running water and will play with a dripping tap for ages. She has an even stronger interest in water than any of our other Bengal cats.

Cinderella at 7 months old, at the water dish

Cinderella enjoying a drink from the dogs water bowl at 7 months old - but keeping an eye out for over-friendly dogs!

You can see Cinderella and Jacob enjoying a comfortable armchair below, wondering about the camera.
(Neither Cinderella or Jacob are for sale.)

Cinderella and Jacob, curious about the camera