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Llandar Norcastle Titan, stalking

Llandar Norcastle Titan was born on 23rd March 1997 at Llandar, a large Bengal cat breeders nearby. He is by Llandar Warrior and out of Gogees Surprise Llandar
    He has a nice easy-going temperament, is not timid and is very muscular. Titan was used for internal stud only and served four queens, Tessa, Della, Inca and Cinderella.
    Titan is actually stalking a china cat - but he is not close enough to tell what it is yet ....

Update : June 2004
Titan was a good stud cat for several years, but an un-neutered male cat inside your home is not always enjoyable. So, we have reluctantly had Titan neutered as we were not breeding from him very often; we're glad that his lovely temperament has not changed and he looks just as handsome.