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Norcastle Bengals breed handsome Bengal kittens by our double Merit-winning stud cat, Llandar Norcastle Titan. One lovely young cat (Della) is available now.
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Our stud cat Llandar Norcastle Titan


Our stud cat Llandar Norcastle Titan, stalking

Titan stalking

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All Bengal Cats are descended from an Asian Leopard Cat like "Baloo", kept by Michael Fairhurst :

Asian Leopard Cat - Baloo


These beautiful wild Asian Leopard Cats (a different species from domestic cats) were bred together with domestic cats, mainly Egyptian Mau and also some Burmese to produce Bengal cats. Nowadays, they are mainly bred back to Bengal cats.
    The chief glory of Bengal cats is the metallic golden glitter in the background colour of their coat (or "pelt"). This glitter is visible in most Bengals when the sun strikes their coats but in some Bengals (including Titan above), golden glitter can be seen even on an overcast day.
    Bengals are muscular, acrobatic and lively cats. They are NOT aggressive - a bad temperament in a Bengal cat means a timid cat.

Asian Leopard Cat - Baloo 2nd view

Baloo (2)

Each generation of Bengal cats is numbered with an "F" number according to the number of generations away from the closest Asian Leopard Cat in their pedigree. So kittens from an Asian Leopard Cat (crossed with a Bengal or domestic cat) would be called F1 Bengals, their offspring would then be called F2 Bengals and so on. Bengals F1 to F3 are not allowed to be shown, although many F3 Bengal cats are very friendly.
    Asian Leopard cats or F1 and F2 Bengals are usually not house-trained and need knowledgeable owners. They are very difficult to breed (F1 and F2 males are always infertile and F3 males are almost always infertile) with smaller litters. Consequently, when they are occasionally sold, they are much more expensive than later generation Bengals.
    F4 (or later generation) cats, which take around one-sixteenth of their genes from wild Asian Leopard Cats, can be shown and make lovely pets. However, the Asian Leopard Cat "Baloo", as seen above, is tame enough to be stroked, even by strangers.
     Another Asian Leopard Cat, "Basil", photographed here in his pen, is more timid. He is also kept by Michael Fairhurst in Sussex (telephone 01424-215059) :

Asian Leopard Cat - Basil


Brownspot, a neutered male cat, has become a companion for Titan because Titan can't be kept with the breeding queens! Brownspot is seen here at around 6 months old :

Brownspot, one of our kittens, at around 12 months


Ring us on 01252-870953 or send us email if a Bengal cat appeals to you. But do browse our Choosing Kittens page first, for detailed advice to help you find your ideal Bengal kitten or visit the Norcastle page to learn more about Norcastle and our kittens straight away.

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